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Open Burns

Open Burning Regulations

Townships use a combination of the International Fire Prevention Code and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection regulations

Fire for cooking requires no permission.

Fire for burning of normal household trash requires no permission provided:

  • Burning of rubbish shall be prohibted except in approved incinerators.  Approved incinerators can be a 55 gallon drum with holes near the bottom for draft and drainage plus a heavy screen or mesh across the top to prevent blowing of ashes.  Incinerators must be cleaned on a regular basis to remove unburnable ash, residue and to promote clean burning.
  • Normal household trash is combustible and non recyclable paper goods.  This does not include garbage, plastic containers, shingles, tires, etc.
  • Grass clippings should not be burned

Open Fires for burning leaves, prunings, tree trimmings and limbs from storm damage may be permitted only under the following conditions:

  • Buckingham Township fire marshal or office must be notified 215-794-8836
  • Solebury Township can contact the Bucks County Fire Marshal Department can be reached at 215-340-8730
  • Fire Board controlled burning notification number 215-345-1411
  • Location is not less than 50 feet from any structure or road edge
  • Provisions must be made to contain fire to location
  • Fires shall consist only of seasoned dry wood or leaves
  • Fires shall be constantly attended by a competent person until the fire is out
  • Fire extinguishing equipment shall be readily available extinguisher, hose, etc.
  • Fire size limited to 5 ft X 5 ft X 5 ft
  • Flammable/combustible liquids shall not be used to start the fire
  • Burning is only permitted between sunrise and sunset
  • Fires considered objectionable or offensive to neighbors shall be extinguished 

Fires for Land Clearing must have D.E.P. Permission (Southeast Region 484-250-5900).

For more information on open burning provided by D.E.P., go to www.dep.state.pa.us (search Direct Link "Open Burning").

More Information

More information available on Buckingham TownshipSolebury Township and Buck County websites. Please review additional requirements on their sites.